About Me

Just a Mum with a dream of successfully combining my family life with a busy day job doing inward investment and a bit of press and PR, running Strange Fruit, a love of vintage and maybe renovating a wonky, but lovely Victorian house. 

About Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit was thought about for years, then one day the thinking stopped and the greeting cards, reflective of me and my family (young, gifted and black British), were created. Here I share the ups and down of starting a business; doing the day job in a corporate communications, my love of vintage clothes, the renovations of our new home and possibly some cake.... 
About the blog

Life Behind Strange Fruit is a female orientated lifestyle blog that is mostly read by women who are either based in the UK or America. They are aspirational hard working women who are juggling careers, children, partners, ageing parents, busy households and making sure they spend quality time with themselves as well as with their friends and family. So they are like me!

Many of us like vintage mixed with high-end high street for wardrobes. Our homes are a mix of thrifty vintage finds, but we live in the real world, we know when we need some useful household gadgets and modern furniture to make our lives easier!  We are rather partial to gorgeous interiors as well as a spot of DIY. Since my furniture makeover posts many of my readers are picking up their paint brushes and up-cycling those unloved cupboards.

Sponsored posts
I don’t do sponsored posts; I do write honest reviews, do interviews and am happy to have guest bloggers. So with all that covered sponsored post would just blur the lines.

Yes! Happy to do giveaways of products that my readers will love. Lets talk about when would be best for you and the blog schedule.

I love doing reviews, remember they will be honest, respectful and never biased, even if you have taken out advertising on the blog.

If you want to take an ad spot for a month, just get in touch for the prices. Adding paid for advertising is new to this blog so rates are super reasonable; deniserawls[at]rocketmail[dot]com

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