Sunday, 22 March 2015

62, is a lot of banisters

62 is how many banisters we have over three flights of stairs. After my wake up moment last week  I have managed to get my DIY groove back and sanded 20 or so of em, we are desperate to get the the hallway finished after our little DIY 'break'. The top landing is done and those black banisters are Little Greene's lovely Furnace Black, I shared the pictures a couple of months ago. The rest of the banisters are still cruddy and in need of a through sanding before they can be primed and painted. This is a horrible, messy, boring job, not one to be started unless you are totally committed.

I tell you, if I ever meet the person responsible for all the crap paint work in our house I won't be held accountable for my actions. 

One of the many reasons I have been putting off getting back to sanding the banisters is because our old sander gave up the ghost, it was about ten years old. It really was well loved but quickly replaced with this little Black and Decker mouse and so far I have been quite impressed. It is just right for standing banisters and is on sale in Argos (£20.00). If you get one you need to stock up on sanding sheets though. We are using course (90 grade) sheets and buying those in a DIY store was a bit of a challenge.

The weekend wasn't all DIY; we did manage to get out for a walk and the watch a French animation film and guess what, I found a local florist who isn't moody!

Monday, 16 March 2015

How do we stop working so hard?

I have realised that all I have done since going back to work after the Christmas break is work 10 hour days. 

This is great for my employer but not so good for me, mine and the other things I care about. I get home around 8.00 pm, just before the kid goes to bed and I am far to knackered to even think about DIY. Obviously this over working needs to to stop, my question is "how do we stop working so hard?"

Not getting the things on my plan crossed off is super stressful, I feel like I am totally wasting my time. I know I am not but that is how I feel. I am not unhappy, far from it but I am not focusing where I want to focus so from today I am reclaiming my life. I am checking my hours and aiming to cross one thing of my to do list in addition to the day jobs. I'd love to know how you manage 'work creep' and how you keep it in check.

This is pretty much how I feel, mind full.
There is a great 'Life Wheel' on the Work Life Balance Centre website, no surprises on my results, my life is unbalanced. I like the list of books here too; Your Pocket Life Coach looks like an oldie but a goodie.

Meanwhile I feel a little DIY will help de-stress me. 

The reassuring and calming sight of a colour chart, via Pinterest

Seriously, when did DIY become a relaxation activity?